RCAP Database | Water Supply, Management and Infrastructure: WS-7

Develop Integrated Water Management Plans that present a joint assessment and planning strategy involving local water utilities, wastewater service providers, water managers, and partners to the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, for coordinated consideration of stormwater use and disposal, traditional and alternative water supplies, wastewater disposal and reuse, and water conservation measures for use by local leadership to guide planning decisions as well as amendments to applicable codes and regulations.

Planning Horizon: 
Short (0-5 years)
Potential Partners: 
County and Municipal Agencies, Utilities Managers, SFWMD , Transportation Agencies
Potential Funding Sources: 
Traditional water, wastewater, transportation, and infrastructure funding sources.
Estimated Resources Required: 
Funds for development of appropriate models and plan development
Milestone Progress: 
Policy changes Changes in plan review process and criteria. Require integration of water reuse and conservation as part of all (re)development and water management, projects. Coordinate regionally to develop and apply advanced hydrologic models to assess combined effects of climate influences on water management, water supply and wastewater systems. Identify operational and level of service issues. Propose and test mitigation and adaptation strategies, prioritize recommendations. Complete regional master plan(s) that reflect coordinated water resources planning and climate change considerations across public works, transportation, water management, water supply and wastewater entities and projects. Implement priority strategies.

Recommendation Case Studies