RCAP Database | Water Supply, Management and Infrastructure: WS-4

Evaluate the impacts of rising sea and groundwater levels on soil storage, infiltration rates and inflow to stormwater and wastewater collection and conveyance systems; consider longer-term influences on water quality; and develop strategies for implementing reclaimed water and stormwater reuse projects that account for current and future conditions.

Planning Horizon: 
Short (0-5 years)
Potential Partners: 
County and municipal authorities, Utilities, FDEP, SFWMD, USGS, NOAA, EPA
Potential Funding Sources: 
Estimated Resources Required: 
Funds for hydrologic modeling, reuse studies and planning efforts, and update of stormwater master plans to consider climate change and sea level rise.
Milestone Progress: 
Develop and apply appropriate hydrologic models. Develop and/or update reuse, water and wastewater master plans to incorporate. Develop and/or apply appropriate water quality models to evaluate predicted influences of long-term urban discharges on receiving waters and downstream ecosystems. Identify and prioritize recommended projects.

Recommendation Case Studies