RCAP Database | Water Supply, Management and Infrastructure: WS-17

Support complete implementation and funding for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) and its updated versions as fundamental to Everglades restoration, to include increased freshwater flows to the Everglades system, thereby improving water quality, maximizing regional freshwater storage and aquifer recharge, and providing potential to abate saltwater intrusion, which will become increasingly important under variable climate conditions and in the face of sea level rise.

Planning Horizon: 
Immediate (0-2 years)
Potential Partners: 
County Commissions, SFWMD , USACE
Potential Funding Sources: 
Estimated Resources Required: 
CERP is a $12 billion effort; advocacy can take many forms involving elected leaders and agency staff.
Milestone Progress: 
Funding and Advancement of 2nd Generation CERP Projects and the Central Everglades Planning Project. Authorization and advancement of the Broward Water Preserve Area