RCAP Database | Sustainable Communities and Transportation Planning: SP-25

Adopt or create a green rating system for roads to reduce emissions from construction, maintenance, and agency operations through practices such as using recycled materials, purchasing materials found or manufactured sustainably in the region, and requiring construction contractors to implement emissions reductions practices such as using alternative fueled vehicles and clean diesel practices.

Planning Horizon: 
Short (0-5 years)
Potential Partners: 
State, Regional and Local Agencies and Planning Authorities, Purchasing Departments, Sustainability Offices, Florida Gold Coast Clean Cities Coalition, EPA Southeast Diesel Collaborative
Potential Funding Sources: 
Possibly acquire funding through a competitive funding grant or Unified Planning Work Program to develop program/criteria Existing local, state, and federal funding sources and competitive grants, MPO Unified Planning Work Program, DOE Clean Cities, and
Estimated Resources Required: 
Existing staff resources
Milestone Progress: 
Development of a green rating system Number of communities with a green rating system