RCAP Database | Sustainable Communities and Transportation Planning: SP-21

Support effective planning and implementation of transit oriented developments (TODs), from both a local and regional scale, in coordination with effective planning and delivery of transit services, particularly transit stations, to maximize ridership.

  1. Recognize that planning for TOD requires consideration of transit and land use issues at the system, corridor and station levels, as well as evaluation of adequate infrastructure such as water and sewer mains.
  2. Develop policies to streamline approval processes involving TODs.
  3. Ensure equitable distribution of the benefits of TOD and premium type transit services
Planning Horizon: 
Short (0-5 years)
Potential Partners: 
State, Regional, and Local Agencies, Regional Planning Councils, SEFTC, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Urban Land Institute, Public Private Partnerships
Potential Funding Sources: 
Existing local, state, and federal funding sources and competitive grants
Milestone Progress: 
Establish an interagency group (public/private) to evaluate TOD practices and processes Number of communities with policies/initiatives to streamline TOD