RCAP Database | Sustainable Communities and Transportation Planning: SP-15

Modify or develop new design standards for transportation infrastructure located in identified vulnerable areas to include environmentally supportive road materials, bridge design, elevation, and stormwater management. Include different pitches combined with stormwater design to effectively remove water from the roadway; explore roadway materials that may be utilized in road construction that are more tolerant of extended periods of extreme temperatures.

Planning Horizon: 
Short (0-5 years)
Potential Partners: 
SFWMD Regional Planning Councils, County and Municipal Planning Authorities, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, SEFTC, FDOT, State, Regional, and Local Transportation Agencies, FEMA
Potential Funding Sources: 
NOAA, USACE, US DOT, US EPA, US HUD, FEMA SFWMD, FDEP, FDOT, FDEO Existing federal, state, and local transportation infrastructure funding sources, FEMA mitigation funds, and competitive grants: FDOT, FIND
Estimated Resources Required: 
Staff funds for model development, funds for infrastructure improvements This work is contingent on SP-3 thru SP-12 Identify vulnerabilities Research Best Practices Propose remedies Finalize recommendations through policy and standards; and implement
Milestone Progress: 
Develop and apply appropriate models and/or maps Identify priority areas and specific vulnerabilities. Propose improvements Conduct cost-benefit assessment Prepare 5 to 10-year plan budget Implement