RCAP Database | Risk Reduction & Emergency Management: RR

Perform vulnerability analysis to identify and quantify the economic value of regional infrastructure at risk under various sea level rise scenarios and other climate change scenarios utilizing inundation mapping, modeling, and other appropriate tools. While the initial regional vulnerability assessment completed by the Compact Counties for use in this Regional Climate Action Plan has yielded important new insights on regional risk, additional and ongoing analysis is required to further refine our current understanding and to monitor changes in Southeast Florida’s risk profile over time.

Planning Horizon: 
Immediate (0-2 years)
Potential Partners: 
Emergency Management Agencies, Regional Planning Agencies, NOAA, USGS, FDEM, UF
Potential Funding Sources: 
FEMA, NOAA Sea Grant
Estimated Resources Required: 
Existing staff resources
Milestone Progress: 
Complete inundation maps; Expand vulnerability analysis; Develop and apply inundation models; Consider storm surge assessments Report findings