RCAP Database | Public Policy: PP-4

Counties, municipalities, regional agencies and other appropriate government and private sector partners should integrate consideration of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies into existing and future systemwide planning, operations, policies, and programs.

The guiding principles developed by the Interagency Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation for federal agencies should be incorporated by entities when designing and implementing adaptation strategies:

  • Adopt integrated approaches.
  • Prioritize the most vulnerable.
  • Use best-available science.
  • Build strong partnerships.
  • Apply risk-management methods and tools.
  • Apply ecosystem-based approaches.
  • Maximize mutual benefits.
  • Continuously evaluate performance.
Planning Horizon: 
Short (0-5 years)
Potential Partners: 
Municipal and County Commissions and Planning Agencies, regulatory entities, and State, Regional, and Local Transportation Agencies
Potential Funding Sources: 
Estimated Resources Required: 
Milestone Progress: 
Adoption of mitigation and adaptation policies, rules and regulations in comprehensive plans and other land use and systemwide planning documents Number of policy statements Number of municipalities adopting Mayor’s Pledge