RCAP Database | Energy & Fuel: EF-6

Support or facilitate development and distribution of local sources of sustainable fuels and availability of fueling infrastructure. Adopt policies to facilitate the development of locally sourced sustainable alternative fuels, those achieving a reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional fossil fuels (including but not limited to waste- based bio-diesel and methane gas from sources like landfills). Include these policies in regional plans and Local Comprehensive Plans. Identify incentives and modify local code to encourage the establishment of a local alternative energy industry.

Planning Horizon: 
Short (0-5 years)
Potential Partners: 
State, Regional and Local Agencies, Transportation Agencies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Florida Gold Coast Clean Cities Coalition, the Southeast Diesel Collaborative, Local Economic Development Offices
Potential Funding Sources: 
DOE Clean Cities Grant Opportunities, EPA National Clean Diesel Funding, Economic Development Funding, and other opportunities
Estimated Resources Required: 
Planning activities within existing staff resources Funding needed for infrastructure
Milestone Progress: 
Establishment of locally sourced sustainable alternative fuels/companies Policies supporting and promoting sustainable alternative fuels Code revisions to streamline permitting of sustainable alternative fuels Evaluate the GHG emissions reductions associated with the various alternative fuels

Municipalities That Have Completed This Recommendation