RCAP Database | Energy & Fuel: EF-5

Develop policies to facilitate and streamline the deployment of energy efficient and renewable energy such as the installation of LEDs and use of solar power for public infrastructure such as street lighting, parks, and parking facilities.

Survey counties, municipalities and regional agencies with lighting infrastructure to determine the level of deployment and to gather best practice policies and implementation steps to facilitate the application of efficient, environmentally sensitive (sea turtles), responsive, lighting practices in additional infrastructure.

Planning Horizon: 
Immediate (0-2 years)
Potential Partners: 
Public Works, Infrastructure, and Parks Departments, Sustainability Offices, Power Utilities; State, Regional, and Local Agencies
Potential Funding Sources: 
N/A; Existing federal, state, and local funding and competitive funding sources
Estimated Resources Required: 
Existing staff resources
Milestone Progress: 
Survey of deployment in municipalities and counties including information on policies, costs and funding sources Policies to promote additional infrastructure Code revisions as needed