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Promote policies which preserve the economic viability of agriculture as the industry adapts in the face of climate change. Read More
Develop and seek regional, state, and county-based funding for willing buyer/willing seller Agriculture Purchase of Development Rights Program to maintain agricultural land for its ability to lessen climate change impacts and provide tor national food security. Read More
Support academic research in the agriculture sector on best management practices for crops presently grown or new crops which may be grown as climate conditions change in southeast Florida. Read More
Provide incentives to growers/land owner to manage agricultural lands to lessen impacts of climate change regionally, and provide environmental benefits which may include, but not be limited to: open space, water aquifer recharge and storage, carbon sequestration, wind farms, biofuels, and wildlife habitat. Read More
Ensure availability of water supply, at reasonable cost, to meet the diversity of needs across southeast Florida to include agricultural irrigation needs and crop freeze protection. Read More
Identify and reduce obstacles for permitting agricultural practices (including growing and selling produce) in urban areas, in order to encourage urban farming and reduce GHG emissions related to the transport of farm produce. Read More