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Initiative: North Bay Village Code Red Emergency Notification System

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Jenice Rosado, Deputy Village Manager
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Our Village’s Code Red notification system keeps all of us informed and connected in the spirit of a true community.

- Jenice Rosado, Deputy Village Manager

Quick Facts and Statistics

To date, approximately 1,800 residents have chosen to receive phone alerts.


The Village wanted a way communicate with residents to keep them informed and aware of potential issues that affect the community. North Bay Village embarked on an initiative to keep residents informed of both emergency and non-emergency events around one year ago. They use the Code Red system for a multitude of notifications – from public safety notices to impending storm warnings to Village events. They system allows the village to to keep  residents in the loop on all items that affect their quality of life.

Implementation Process

The development process of the Code Red notification system began around one year ago. Rolling out the program was easy and the capable Code Red Staff walked the village, hand-in-hand, through the set up and training. Learning the system is not complicated and it is easily accessible via phone or computer, so notices can be sent out from anywhere you are located.

Implementation Timeline

Code Red was introduced to staff around June 2014, but was rolled out and actually used for notices approximately August 2014. Our Code Red initiative is an ongoing project.

Implementation Funding

The Code Red System is being funded by general fund tax dollars.

Community Benefits

Residents have benefited greatly from the roll out of the Code Red notification system. They can easily sign up online to receive alerts via a multitude of ways, including phone calls, texts, and emails. Residents can choose to either receive all notices or just those that are emergencies. The Village uses the system to notify residents of public safety issues, flooding, storms, events and any other issue that may arise.

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